Solar Shading

Solar Window Shades are innovative retractable sun shades for external installation on inward or non opening windows. Its compact construction makes it suitable for use on windows in both residential and commercial buildings.

Modern design requires the need to reduce solar heat gain in buildings. Solar heat gain is the increase in temperature within a building as a result of solar radiation. As the sunlight intensity increases so does the solar heat gain within the building, whilst this can be a benefit in the winter, providing free heat it can lead to overheating in the summer. External solar shading is the most effective method of reducing solar heat gain.

solar window shade

Solar Screening

The screening material allows people to see when looking from the inside out but provides up to 80% shading from the suns rays.The screening fabric attached to a roller within a cassette, the size of the cassette allows large widths to be protected up to 6m in a single unit. The intelligent ZIP-system in the side guides ensure that the screen operates smoothly and is held securely without distortion when exposed to heavy wind loads.The Screens are certified in winds up to 145 km/h.

Automatic Functions

All roller window shades are fully automatic operated by a hand held remote control or by wall mounted controls. Shading can be linked to sun and rain sensors or set up on a timed network to enable automatic opening and closing based on the movement of the sun around a building. Wind sensors can be used as protective measure against very high winds to ensure automatic closing.